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wEMBOSS is a web interface to the popular EMBOSS software package for biological sequence analysis. wEMBOSS started as a coordinated effort from Martin Sarachu of the Argentinian EMBnet Node and Marc Colet from the Belgian EMBnet node.

Features :

Requirements (most come included in any Linux distribution) :

The wEMBOSS developing team presently has the following registered members :

The companion suite wrappers4EMBOSS allows to integrate under EMBOSS a number of popular bioinformatics software suites and databanks like BLAST, fastA, CLUSTAL, PROSITE, MUSCLE, InterPro, PhyML, ModelGenerator, as well as to use MRS as EMBOSS sequence access tool.
wrappers4EMBOSS works fine under wEMBOSS but can also be used at the UNIX command line.

There is a chapter about wEMBOSS in the EMBOSS book
EMBOSS User's Guide : Practical Bioinformatics
Authors P. M. Rice, A. J. Bleasby & J. C. Ison
Cambridge University Press, 2011
ch. 8 : pp. 170-182 : G. Bottu : Using EMBOSS under wEMBOSS

You can use the mailing list wemboss-users to post your questions and suggestions (do note that you must register to the mailing list before you can post).

Please cite wEMBOSS if you find it useful for your work. Paper freely available at
wEMBOSS: a web interface for EMBOSS
Martín Sarachu and Marc Colet
Bioinformatics 2005 21(4):540-541

wEMBOSS is an Open Source software released under the GNU General Public License